Free Casino Slots For Fun

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free casino slots for fun

The free slots have some very unique features and a few of these are explained in this article. The first feature is the spinners which the slot players can pull from a hat, usually seven or nine in any case. These are called spinners because the outcome depends on whether the spinner is spun out, ie. it lands on a face.

The second feature is the rapid fire jackpot. The rapid fire jackpot appears when the slot machine spins its reels and the result is instant cash. The rapid fire jackpot is actually random and no special icons appear on the machine to indicate that it is a rapid fire jackpot. There is however a warning light which tells you that you are about to win big money if you put in more money than usual on the machine. This light is red in color and there is also a symbol on the screen which changes as the jackpot prize becomes bigger.

As the game progresses, it is possible to win combinations as indicated by the symbols displayed on the reels. Some of these symbols are hearts, stars or money due to the multi-player capability of the slots. There are some more symbols but these are the most commonly used ones. Each time the jackpot prize increases the multiplier multiplies by 1.5, hence the net effect is that when the jackpot prize is won there is an automatic increase in the multiplier value which further increases your chances of winning.

The last feature we will discuss is the casino’s generous side and this is the provision of winning free spins with the regularity as designated by the casinos. The free-spinning option is provided on all machines and this is often the better option as you do not have to invest time and effort trying to win these free spins. You get the same chances of winning the free spins irrespective of whether you play one or hundred times. With the generous side of the casinos I mean that you can take home the complete amount of jackpots even if you play for only ten minutes.

To sum up, these features present free slot games and online casinos that are much more entertaining than what we expect from casino games. Some of these free slot games have bonuses which can be availed of too. There are several other features present as well as multi-player slot games, progressive slots, special prizes and so on. A comprehensive list of all the free casino slots for fun would highlight these features better.